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Appointment Terms & Conditions


The N Plus Clinic is a private practice and therefore all patients should make themselves aware of the fee schedule and expect to pay promptly on completion of their consultation and treatment.

Bulk billing of a consultation with the doctors should not be expected under any circumstances.

TESTS: Your consultation is likely to include an unpredictable number of tests that may or may not be covered by Medicare. The tests that fall outside of Medicare are privately billed and can be expensive. The fee schedules for these tests are subject to change and are best found from the providers themselves. Do not engage any service or lab for a test without knowing exactly how much it costs or when the payment may be due.

The fact that some of these tests are not covered by Medicare or Private Medical Insurance is beyond the control of the doctors. If a version of a test is covered by Medicare it will be the doctor’s first choice, but it needs to be understood that a continuing number of tests are being excluded from Medicare which makes certain patient’s investigations very expensive. The doctors take the presenting patient’s cases very seriously and do not request any testing that is either borderline or unnecessary.

Cancellation Fee: The full consultation fee will be charged if any appointment is cancelled with less than 24 hours notice to a member of reception staff. No exclusions. Please go to Services & Fees to see appointment durations and the fees that apply.

All Prescriptions, Referral Forms and pathology requests are generated and SIGNED by your doctor. There are no copies or alternate versions to the paperwork you leave the clinic with. All clerical services between a patient & the N Plus Clinic cease at final payment. A fee of $40 will be incurred for the replacement of any or all lost or forgotten Prescriptions, Referral Forms or Pathology Requests taken from your consultation with the doctor. Your doctor will need to spend time to open your file, generate and sign these documents again during consultations allocated to other patients.

You will notice during your consultation that the doctors are focussed on your case and not speaking with other patients on the phone or generating paper work that is not relevant to your case.

If you arrive at a specialist’s rooms without a referral it is not likely that a new letter can be generated and faxed on the spot to replace the document you have misplaced or forgotten. Keep your documents safe and be aware of where you keep them at all times. Organise these replacements in advance.

The N Plus Clinic is strictly APPOINTMENT ONLY and does not cater for ‘Walk In’ or urgent medical matters outside of scheduled appointments. There is a 10 doctor Medical Centre around the corner to cover these needs.

The doctors of the N Plus Clinic are Nutritional & Environmental specialists and cannot replace the patient’s regular G.P. for any urgent or emergency consultations.

Patients should make travel arrangements to ensure an arrival time before or no later than their scheduled appointment time.

All patients need to be prepared to wait beyond their scheduled appointment time if the treatment of the previous patient has run overtime. Be aware that you may be that ‘previous patient’.

The Treatment Room is managed by our nursing staff. Some patients in the queue are to see the nurse only and are not ‘jumping the queue’ while you have been waiting to see the doctor.

The Treatment Room is used for Pathology, Acupuncture, I.V. Therapy, Laser Therapy and many other procedures. Yourself or previous patients may need any one of these procedures as part of consultation or treatment. Be aware that these things take time, and the doctor & nurse have a Duty of Care with the current patient to investigate and report if any found conditions need urgent attention. This can delay the appointment schedule and this process can indeed happen to yourself during your visit. This could affect the appointment after your own. Please be patient. The doctors & their staff move as quickly as possible during previous consultations.

Direct phone and email contact with the doctors is only available via an appointment service found at www.nplus.com.au and fees will apply. Do not call Reception and ask to speak to the doctors as they do not answer calls from patients and are unavailable during consultation hours except to the patients currently in consultation.

The above statement is condoned and endorsed by Dr. Janet Kim MBBS, FACNEM